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Arabia 75 annivesity moomin mugs stamp

Take A Look: Moomin 75 Years Stamp for Arabia Moomin Mugs

Year 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the Moomins, and companies left and right are joining to celebrate.

Arabia, best-known by their Moomin mugs, is not an exception.

75 years from where Moomin started

Tove Jansson wrote her first Moomin story during the darkest times of the human history - Second World War.

The first Moomin novel, The Moomins and the Great Flood, was published in 1945. Yep, 75 years ago.

She felt that the war had taken all the colours away and she needed to write something that ends on a happy note, and so the story of Moomins became a form of escape the horrors of the war.

The first Moomin Story 75 years ago

In the first story, Moomintroll and Moominmamma set out to find Moominpappa, who has gone on an adventure. They end up in the middle of a big storm and are later surrounded by a flood. In the end, they find the most beautiful valley in the world, Moomin Valley. 

It becomes a place, where everyone can feel safe, accepted and loved.

And they are finally home.

Moomin 75 Anniversary Mug Stamp by Arabia

So, Arabia is launching classic Moomin mugs with golden Moomin 75 stamp on the bottom. It looks like this:

Moomin 75 Years Moomin Mug Stamp by Arabia

The golden Hug stamp.

After you've read the story of where and when it all began, that hug stamp has a totally different meaning.

A boy and mom went after to save their father, and after a long journey, they finally were together, and safe. Just what every family, in those days, were praying for every night.

But this doesn't happen just in World Wars, this is the story for many people every day of. All the time.

No words needed. <3.

When will the 75 stamp be available?

Mugs with a special Moomin 75 years stamp will go on sale just before Moomin Day and Tove Jansson's birthday:

On 7 August 2020 with limited availability.

Arabia mugs where the new stamp will be?

The new stamp will be on every 21 classic Arabia Moomin mugs.


PS. You can shop them at here: Buy 75 Anniversary Moomin Mugs by Arabia (not yet available) or sign up on our newsletter down below to be first to get your hands on them! 

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