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moomin gift ideas

+10 Best Moomin Gift Ideas 2020

Moomin gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect holiday present for that moomin fan in your life? It’s not always easy! These are best moomin gift ideas from moominvalley, no matter what your budget.

Skip the money-belt this year, and buy a birthday or holiday moomin gift that your fellow little my (or stinky) will actually use and it'll bring them joy for years to come.

These popular gifts for moomin lovers will brighten up every home and bring back childhood memories.

We have been testing out nearly all moomin merchandise available on earth and trust me, we sure know what products get that wow effect and what you should avoid. But in this article will give you the best gift ideas that your moomin fan will love 100%.

Best Moomin gifts in 2020 


A must-have collactible gift for every moomin collector. All summer mugs from Arabia have always been wildly popular. Production for these mugs are always limited. It is only available for summer 2020 and after that the price usually multiplies.

This New Arabia's Relaxing seasonal mug for summer 2020 features the Moomins' summer adventure, based on Tove Jansson’s comic book Moomin Valley Turns Jungle. Material: Porcelain Size: 0.3 l / 10 oz Dishwasher safe, Microwave safe, Oven safe, Freezer safe.


We all love a cute bottle to bring outside for a picnic. Or throw a party at home where you can pour your favourite drinks from this cute moomin bottle. It has an Air-tight silicone cap / lid that prevents dripping.

It's about a size of a normal 0.5 litre Coke bottle and fits well to every backpack.


Moomin tea!! How cute is this? Teas are always a loved gifts amongst fans of moominvalley and one of the most best selling items every year. I’ve tried every moomin tea there is, and this is the best.

4. Muurla Moomin Mugs


Muurla's enamel mug has a fully rounded rim for more comfortable using. All Muurla's enamelware carries a carbon steel core, with a double coating of enamel. The items are durable, functional and light.

5. Snufkin Plush

I love this character! And btw, who doesn't love Snufkin? Soft toys or plushies are always a great gift and this is the one you'll want to get if you are choosing present for a snufkin fan. These plushes made by martinex are also very good guality, so you can't go wrong with this one!


These moomin lamps are comes with a gift package! Who wouldn't want to brighten your home with a couple hattifatteners lying around? This Moomintroll Moomin night light is a sympathetic and soothing bedtime light and a great gift for children and adults alike.

7. Day in the Garden Moomin Enamel Mug

Light enamel mug decorated with Tove Jansson's lovely Moomin characters from Moominvalley enjoing the summer. Brighten up your moomin collection with this beautiful object. Stylish mug for picnics, celebrations, hikes, tea and coffee breaks. Great gift for all moomin fans! Buy and love it.

Muurla's enamel mug has a fully rounded rim for more comfortable using. All Muurla's enamelware carries a carbon steel core, with a double coating of enamel. The items are durable, functional and light.

8. Little My Plush

Present of little my fan? This soft medium sized stuffed Little My moomin plush from Martinex is perfect gift for kids and adults alike.


2020 marks the 75th Anniversary of Tove Jansson first Moomin book. This moomin plus is made to honor that and is a great gift idea for Moomin fans of all ages! From every plush sold 1€ is donated to the for the OURSEA campaign to support marine in the baltic.

10. Snufkin and Moomintroll Enamel Mug

These two. Give this mug to your favourite partner in crime. They know why you gave this mug.

11. Moomin Biscuits

These biscuits are looooove! Fill your favourite moomin mug or bowl with these and the parties are on.

We have a lot of great products coming this summer and we will update this gift list as they arrive, so stay tuned!

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