Dive with Seashells Moomin Mug fetches record-breaking 12,005€ at Auction.

A moomin mug by Arabia has become one of the most expensive piece of moomin collactables ever sold.

The mug was sold for 12,005€ (13,120 USD / 1,413,288 JPY) at Palsanmaki Auction in Finland on Easter Sunday 12.4.2020.

dive with seashells uimahyppy simpukoilla moomin mug

Why is Dive with Seashells moomin mug worth so much?

Dive with Seashells (Uimahyppy simpukoilla in FI) moomin mugs were made in 2006, and they never ended up in stores. This was because Tove's heirs didn't approve the desing. Reason for that was, as they said: "Moomins do not dive".

According to Palsanmaki, only 300 of these mugs were made, but most of them were destroyed. It has been rumored that only 10 or so were saved by Arabia workers.

After the auction, Palsanmaki said:

"Yes, there are still a lot of people drinking their morning coffee from some of these mugs and not knowing what these are worth".

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