Originals Daydreaming Moomin Enamel Mug 3,7dl

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Snufkin Daydreaming Originals series Moomin Enamel Mug by Muurla

Light and durable mug for picnics on summer 2020

  • Capacity 370ML
  • Light and durable
  • Dishwasher safe

Light enamel mug decorated with Tove Jansson's lovely Moomin characters from Moominvalley. Brighten up your moomin collection with this beautiful object. Stylish mug for picnics, celebrations, hikes, tea and coffee breaks. Great gift for all moomin fans! Buy and love it.

Muurla's enamel mug has a fully rounded rim for more comfortable using. All Muurla's enamelware carries a carbon steel core, with a double coating of enamel. The items are durable, functional and light.