The story behind Jabbaduu!

It was a trip halfway around the world that inspired the idea for Jabbaduu. When our boss-boss, Jussi Mäkelä, saw a Nepalese little girl holding a Moomintroll in the mountains of Himalaya.

"The reason for the whole trip was to get new ideas for what we could do next. When I saw a little girl holding a Moomintroll, in a place you would least expect, it kind of stuck!"

After Himalaya, the journey continued through different countries where he asked what people knew about Finland. The answer was always the same; Mika Häkkinen (Finnish F1 Formula Driver), the Moomins, and some mentioned Finland and other Scandinavian countries named, year-after-year, as the Happiest Countries in the World.

Well, we ditched the Mika Häkkinen part but started building a shop that delivers a little bit of that Scandinavian happiness across the world. Including, of course, Moomins, Pippi, and more.

And Jabbaduu! was born.