Moominhouse Moomin Mug from Arabia

  • 0.3L
  • Safe for diswasher

Arabia’s Moominhouse mug resembles a lovely blue house, also known as the home of the Moomin family. What’s more, it comes with a red cardboard roof that fits on top of the mug. The ceramic Moomin mugs are great for serving tea, coffee as well as hot chocolate and will cheer up any table setting.

The mugs, bowls and plates of Arabia’s Moomin Classics tableware collection illustrate the characters of the Moominvalley from the front and behind. First pieces of Arabia’s Moomin tableware came out already in the 1950s, and the large-scale production began in 1990. All the illustrations are done by Tove Slotte who draws inspiration from the original drawings by Tove Jansson. The form of the collection comes from Arabia’s timeless, ceramic Teema tableware designed by Kaj Franck.

SKU: J003012