Moomin Plush Stinky S

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Moominvalley is never safe from pranks or petty theft while Stinky is around. Due to his hoaxing ways and his signature stench, the brown furry Stinky is seldom invited to parties but usually he turns up uninvited – guaranteeing for an eventful party!

  • Size 15x17x8cm
  • Extra Soft to cuddle!

Filled with fiberfill and plastic bean-like pellets, the plush is posable yet soft and smooth. As a beanie plush, Stinky can be positioned sitting on the edge of a shelf, looking at the occupant of the room colouring, sleeping, and playing with other toys, but always ready for play. The toy is just the right size to be taken along to trips but big enough to be cuddled.

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